Short Father’s Day Jokes

Short Father’s Day Jokes for This Father’s Day

Short Father’s Day Jokes – Father’s Day is one of the most special times to show your appreciation to your dearest dad. Fathers are the most cherished persons in our lives and Father’s Day is one great moment to make our dad’s feel special for being so special. Father’s Day is celebrated with great gusto all across the globe, usually on the third Sunday in the month of June.
Short Father's Day Jokes

Short Father’s Day Jokes

The bearing of this day is most significant in our lives, not just because of the legend that follows it, but because it is a day exclusively dedicated to daddies to commemorate their irreplaceable importance in our lives. Come Father’s day and we start thinking of countless ways to surprise our daddies. Gifts, cards and dinner parties definitely top the list. But this Father’s day, why don’t you try something different? Take out some exclusive time with your dad and go for a walk, cycling or even his favorite card game and bond over some cherished moments, sharing stories and cackling over your favorite daddy joke, Short Father’s Day Jokes . Here are some Short Father’s Day Jokes to get you hooting with humor. Share them with your dad and get him rolling with laughter.

Short Jokes on Father’s Day

  • What is the perfect Father’s Day gift? Taking your Mom away on a vacation with you.
  • Father’s Day always worried James. He was afraid that he will get a gift he can’t afford.
  • My dear old dad always said he had two big disappointments in life: the dog ran away and I didn’t.
  • By tradition, fathers wear a red flower on Father’s Day, if their father is alive and a white flower if he’s dead. And if they have a nagging wife and a house full of screaming kids, they wear a pink flower — which means they are living but wish they were dead.
  • My son wants 50% of my Father’s Day gifts. He says if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t even be a father.
  • The person who said any gift is better than no gift never got a Father’s Day gift.
  • Once a teacher asked one of her students, “Mary, do you know what Father’s Day is?” Mary sheepishly replied, “Teacher, Father’s Day is left over of Mother’s Day.”
  • Poor dear father was heard saying to his friend, “My kids don’t value my sense of humor.” On asking why, my dad sadly lamented, “It shows in the Father’s Day card they bought me, which says ‘Get Well’.”
  • Dads don’t return their Father’s Day gifts to the exchange counter. This means fathers are satisfied with what they got, or too ashamed to let anyone see what they got.
  • This graveyard looks overcrowded. People must be dying to get in there.
  • “My dad literally told me this one last week: ‘Did you hear about the guy who invented Lifesavers? They say he made a mint.’”
  • “Whenever the cashier at the grocery store asks my dad if he would like the milk in a bag he replies, ‘No, just leave it in the carton!’”
  • I got so angry the other day when I couldn’t find my stress ball.
  • If I had a dime for every book I’ve ever read, I’d say: “Wow, that’s coincidental.”
  • I’m not indecisive. Unless you want me to be.
  • How many apples grow on a tree? All of them.
  • How does a penguin build it’s house? Igloos it together.
  • “Me: ‘Dad, make me a sandwich!’ Dad: ‘Poof, You’re a sandwich!’”
  • “I heard there was a new store called Moderation. They have everything there
  • A steak pun is a rare medium well done.
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  • “How can you tell if a ant is a boy or a girl? They’re all girls, otherwise they’d be uncles.”
  • Milk is also the fastest liquid on earth – its pasteurized before you even see it
  • “What’s Forrest Gump’s password? 1forrest1”
  • The only thing worse than having diarrhea is having to spell it.
Short Father's Day Jokes

Short Father’s Day Jokes



Father’s Day is a day to honor all the fathers for everything they did for their children. This is an occasion to express gratitude towards your dad for all his love and support. Instead he picks you up after you fall, and allows you to try all over again. Yes, there is no doubt about the fact that a dad is indeed a gift from God Himself. WE WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.


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