5 of the Best Funny New Dad Meme

Funny New Dad Meme: they are so horrific that they’re in reality desirable. Despite how thoroughly cheesy and predictable they may be, you have to admit that some of the excellent dad jokes are just meant to be shared.

Funny New Dad Meme – So after you’ve cringed and facepalmed your way through the subsequent dad comic story memes, bear in mind sharing them with the dads, granddads, uncles or practically absolutely everyone you know who should sincerely appreciate an harmless dad’s attempt at real humor.

Funny New Dad MemeFunny New Dad Meme

Urine Trouble.

“When you have a bladder infection…”

“Urine hassle.”

The Getcha Dad Jokes Here meme is ultra-relatable, proposing a dad giggling hysterically at his own terrible shaggy dog story on one facet of the dinner table at the same time as the rest of the family winces in embarrassment. If you love this one

“Hi, Hungry, I’m Dad.”

Funny New Dad Meme

Funny New Dad Meme


“I walked into the kitchen yesterday, and I stated to my dad ‘Hey, I’m hungry.’ And my dad said, ‘Hi, hungry, I’m dad.'”

Sometimes dads take matters a touch too literally. If you realize a dad who loves to show adjectives into identities, you understand what kind of jokes you’re in for.


“A Happy Kid Is Like an Antidepressant.”

A satisfied kid is like an antidepressant.”

“But a herbal one. Not the kind your husband has to discover for your earrings drawer.”

“Enough stated about that.”

Anyone who watches Modern Family is aware of that Phil Dunphy makes more than one dad jokes in keeping with episode. When he’s now not making the maximum ridiculous puns, he’s accidentally oversharing or making the maximum bizarre non-jokes.

“German Potato Soup!”

“German potato soup!”

“If that ain’t P90X soup, I don’t know what is!”

If there’s any intense health software accessible for all of the macho dads who want to bulk up, it is got to be P90X. Celebrity health instructor Tony Horton attempts to hold it a laugh and motivating by means of cracking as many dad jokes and one-liners as possible to preserve the ache and ache of running out off of absolutely everyone’s minds.


“Hey, Man, I Love You This Many Dollars Worth.”


“It’s like this tangible thing you may factor to and say, ‘Hey, man, I love you this many dollars really worth.”

Similar to Phil Dunphy, Michael Scott from The Office is a grasp of accidental dad-like humour. Known for popularizing the hilarious catchphrase, “That’s what she said,” Michael Scott is any other TV comedy king of satire and non-jokes.

5 of the Best Funny New Dad Meme

5 of the Best Funny New Dad Meme

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