Father’s Day Riddles Collection

Father’s Day Riddles Here’s a tribute to all the fathers who strive to keep their families happy and safe.

Father's Day Riddles

Father’s Day Riddles

Father’s Day Riddles

1. Why are Fathers like parking spaces?


2. If you ask your father, “What’s on the TV,” what would his answer be?


3. How would your dad say is the best way to count cows?


4. What does you dad answer when you ask him what the movie he’s watching is about?


5. What did the pirate dad say on his 80th birthday?


6. After you’ve awakened in the car which your father has been driving for a long distance, what does he say when you ask him where your are?


7. The waiter asks your dad how he would you like his steak, what’s his response

8. What’s the difference between a poorly dressed man on a tricycle and a well dressed man on a bicycle?

Father's Day Riddles

Father’s Day Riddles

9. What does your dad say when you ask him to make you a bowl of cereal?


10. What does your father call an obese psychic?


11. What do you call your dad if he’s ice skating and falls through the ice?


12. When your mother asked your father to put the cat out last night, what was Dad’s response?




13. When you’re dad is the first one into the swimming pool and you ask, “How’s the water,” what will he say?


14. What does a dad say when after dinner, you ask to leave the table?


15. When you made a mistake and gave your dad soap flakes instead of corn flakes for breakfast, was he mad?

Father's Day Riddles Collection

Father’s Day Riddles Collection

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